S.B.S. Classes

Congratulations!: Hiroichi Hirai (right) receiving his Black Sash - Instructor Apprentice Certificate form  with Master Plewes,Congratulations!: Hiroichi Hirai (right), receiving his Black Sash - Instructor Apprentice Certificate, from with Master Plewes.

Below: Matt Plewes, CAI International Director. (right) with Sheikh Ally, Current CAI-Singapore Director, in Sheikhs formative years in Japan (Left and Downward).
C.A.I. Real World DefenseC.A.I. Real World Defense


Chuntian Academy International - Shizuoka, Japan

Shizuoka Broadcasting System - Gakuen

S.B.S. T.V. and Gakuen - Shizuoka, JapanS.B.S. T.V. and Gakuen - Shizuoka, Japan
SBS Dori Surugaku
Shizuoka, Japan
Featured Expert: Matt Plewes
Assistant : Hiroichi Hirai
Liason: Atsushi Kawaguchi



学苑 - 静岡のクラス

High Level Real World Defense- Shizuoka School

Chuntian Academy JapanChuntian Academy Japan

SBS 藤枝護身術

学苑 - 藤枝クラス

High Level Real World Defense- Fujieda

S.B.S. Saturday Night Class

Congratulations! May 14th, 2011 Promotions- (Pictured left to right) Takema Kawaii - 3rd Stripe White Sash / Front Center: Hiroichi Hirai & Yukiko Aoiyama - Brown Sash - Formal Student / Right: Yuri Ikegaya 3rd Stripe Yellow Sash / Back Center: Master Plewes

Saturday Class Saturday Class

Latest News

September PromotionsSeptember 4th 2010 Promotions: Left to Right: Masayuki Suzuki, 3rd Degree Orange Sash, Hiroaki Hirai, Green Sash, Master Plewes, Yukiko Aoyama Green Sash, Minoru Kamukai, 3rd Degree Blue, Not Pictured Atsushi Kawaguchi, 2nd Degree Blue
* The Students also received their "One Year Patches"

Hiroaki preparing for open attack practiceYukiko preparing for open attack practice
Yukiko securing opponent after swift takedownYukiko securing opponent after swift takedown
Minoru getting to the "safezone" and securingMinoru getting to the "safezone" and securing
Atsushi doing a leg/waist Chin Na from a headlockAtsushi doing a leg/waist Chin Na from a headlock
Hiroaki shielding/ crane capturing and spinning to the safezone for seizeHiroaki shielding/ crane capturing and spinning to the safezone for seize
Masayuki doing #1 Elbow Chin Na from a punchMasayuki doing #1 Elbow Chin Na from a punch


April 24th 2010

Congratulations !Congratulations !

Congratulations on achieving 3rd Class: Blue Sash ( 三きゅ)

Pictured Left to Right: Teacher Matt Plewes, Masayuki Suzuki, Yellow Sash, Hiroichi Hirai, Blue Sash, Atsushi Kawaguchi, Orange 3 Sash, Yukiko Aoyama, Blue Sash, Kana Kojima Orange 3 sash

January 2010

4th Class Level / Orange Sash Promotions

SBS - CAI Self Defense PromotionsSBS - CAI Promotions
( Pictured: Left to Right: Masayuki Suzuki-White Sash-1, The following-Orange Sash - 1:Hiroichi Hirai, Ami Suzuki, (Master Plewes), Yukiko Aoyama, Kana Kojima, Atsushi Kawaguchu-Yellow Sash-2, Minoru Kamukai-Orange Sash-1)

Now accepting new students in Shizuoka City and Fujieda City.

Several additional Introductory and one day seminars are scheduled and will be announced very soon.